- No Help Neededby Sandtana Kay
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When children marry, your advice is not welcome.
No Help Needed by Sandtana Kay

I will stay home today.
When I visit my children,
they think I
have come to prey.

They don't take my advice
when I tell them,
I have been in places
they have never been.

I sometimes forget,
they are adults too,
though they act the children
I once Knew.

I only want to be of help.
But I often feel
my foot,
inside my mouth.

If I pick up the broom,
or chase a mouse,
I am scolded
till I leave the house.

I know they love me,
but I get in their way.
So I will stay home and help
by praying for them today.

Author Notes
According to my children I seem to have lost all knowledge I once knew.


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