- Dance Like No Ones Watchingby Roxanna Andrews
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Dance Like No Ones Watching by Roxanna Andrews

Dancing is fun
Especially around my son.

He screams, "Mother!" rolls his eyes,
But I won't stop, no matter how loud he cries,

Ah, all the great things dancing does.

Like when I dance to the bus stop to pick him up,
Talk about watching Mount St. Helens erupt!

"Mom! Do that again, I'm running away!"
Kids! Can't believe a thing they say.

They make all kinds of promises but never follow through.
He did stage a coup,

Tried to take over the household.
And he even sold

My boom box at a garage sale,
But it was a total fail.

I can dance to anything.
He has learned never to sing.


Author Notes
I don't even have a son, but if I did, I for sure would do this. Just a silly poem for fun since I never write silly poems. =}


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