- An American Fairy Taleby DALLAS01
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Too good to be true.
An American Fairy Tale by DALLAS01
Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry
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Disguised to obscure truth
suppress autonomy
shroud their veiled agenda,
there were those among us
whose goal was to pollute our airways
infest our social media
with alien signals
originating from
a star ship
that proudly boasted a flag
stitched in righteous superiority.

Strategically positioned to bring them down,
a rocket ship fueled with
equal amounts
of animosity,
blustered and ranted its agenda
in decibels so loud
that it soon fell on deaf ears
the people sought cover
from the onslaught
of feigned laughter and
conspiracy theories.

They decided to pull their support
detach from both entities
till they burned themselves out
as they fell into a black hole

Thus, the rocket launch failed
the star ship became lost in space.

The victims of this devious ruse-
the people;
applauded the demise of both left and right,
joined in the middle,
proceeded to
construct a new truth
based on facts
embedded in mutual respect.

But then, this is just a fairy tale.
Or is it?


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