- Go Catch Some 'Happy'by LisaMay
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Gone fishin'
Go Catch Some 'Happy' by LisaMay

When the chip on your shoulder turns into a rod
and you’re feeling neglected, even by God,
don’t use that rod to beat abuse –
put it to a better use.
With rod and reel you could go fishing!
Keep it ‘real’ and soon you’ll be wishing
that you had other fish to fry –
maybe some snapper, trout, or sockeye.
Having a picnic down by the river
or by the seaside will surely deliver
a breath of fresh air, a tonic of health –
and that is worth its weight in wealth.
Then when you return to the crowded city
I hope you’ll be over your lonesome self-pity.
Jump in your hot rod, go pick up a friend,
you’ll feel uplifted, good vibes you’ll send.
When happy of heart it shows to all.
When down in the dumps, who wants to crawl?
Share a fish with a stranger – you caught a lot.
Don’t be a dog in the manger with what you’ve got.
There’s plenty of ‘happy’, just pass it along;
look for the good, not everyone’s wrong.
Extend your line from your fishing rod –
go find your joy with the Grace of God.




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