- Witch Trialby Mia Twysted
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They were warned
Witch Trial by Mia Twysted
Supernatural Flash Fiction writing prompt entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Mary howled as she took her lifeless son in her arms.

"She did this," Mary cried, "that witch did this."

Mary buried her head into the young man's chest; her body collapsed.

"She is going to pay for this," the boy's father said.

Rallying the crowd around him, Richard spoke with a stern conviction,

"We have allowed Elizabeth to take to many young boys. It has to stop."

Raising his arms, Richard stood above the crowd, pointing to the dilapidated house on the hill. Come night, the group lit its wooden torches and climbed the dark mountain pass. Bursting through Elizabeth's door, it splintered into pieces. The angry hoard plowed into her house, searching for the five-foot dark-haired woman room to room. Subduing the busty woman they dragged her from her home kicking and screaming.

Biting and clawing at her captors the proclaimed with struggled unable to break free. Brought to the middle of town the adrenaline motivated crowd bound her to a massive post.

"Burn the witch. Burn the witch," the crowd chanted.

Mary stood in front of the rowdy crowd leading the charge to light the fire.

"This witch will soon burn," she said. "No more of our precious sons will be lead to their death due to her evil magic."

Nodding to her husband, she told him to be ready.

"Have you any last words to say, you witch?"

"You will pay for this you will," Elizabeth said. "Have no doubt if I burn, you burn."

Bringing the torch down the fire burst ignited to life as the town folk cheered. Elizabeth screamed as her flesh was seared off her body until she went limp, leaving this world. As the fire died down, men and woman huddled together returning to their homes celebrating their victory.

Laying in bed, the people of the town began to stir to the alarming smell of smoke. One by one, they woke to a room filled with fire. Coughing they crawled to their doors; doors that burned the palms of their hands at the slightest touch. Window seals were cemented together, preventing escape. Parents listened to the horrified screams of their children only a room away, unable to hold them in their arms.

Mary screamed as she ran down the street, watching her town turn to ash before her eyes. Coming to the outskirts of town she tried to run away only to be thrown back at the town line unable to cross. Fire surrounded the morning mother as a red hot hand reached from within it, pulling her inside. Screaming, she remained alive as every last piece of flesh was burned from her body before her bones turned to dust.

Writing Prompt
The character in your story is involved in some way with the supernatural.


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