- Back in the dayby Rikki66
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Back in the day by Rikki66
Flash Fiction contest entry

Back in the day before pesticides and preservatives, we judged apples easily. Red or green, Macintosh, Granny Smith or Jonathan. The best-tasting apple was the one without the worm.

Back in the day cars were BIG and shiny with chrome. They were fast and faster. They had fins like sharks, dolphins, and jets. And you could get a beauty for less than three-thousand dollars

Back in the day, we had no school violence though guns and knives abounded. Every boy and man carried a pocket knife. Many a student and teacher had rifles and shotguns in their vehicles. In the fall the police and N.R.A. would hold gun and hunting safety courses.

Back in the day school started with "I pledge allegiance to the flag...." The word God was not a four-letter word. Differences between males were settled with a fist, between females name-calling and crying.

Author Notes
Just some thoughts from long ago


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