- Monica Chapter 6by Roxanna Andrews
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Monica meets with Lonnie at the park
: Monica Chapter 6 by Roxanna Andrews

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
A narcissistic young woman invades the lives of newly weds, Rob and Sarah. She is determined to have Rob for herself.

Ending of chapter 5 - Lonnie McGovern's hand shook as he held the phone. If he could get enough money, he could maybe leave town for a while until it all blew over. Why did he give her a key? He was a sucker for a pretty face and for the money she offered. He had gambling debts.

He cleared his throat, but his voice still came out in a squeak. "Okay, I'll meet you, but no more going in that house." He was so stupid. Why did he give her that key?

"Don't worry, Lonnie. Everything will be fine. Meet me in the park at nine."

He agreed and hung up. He paced his office, nervous and worried about getting caught. It had been the Sheriff's house, after all. He'd done some shady things in his life, but he was getting too old for this kind of stress.

Monica paced as well. She was going to have to get rid of Lonnie. She knew she shouldn't have trusted him. He was a little weasel of a man with no backbone at all. She hoped he'd keep it together until tonight.

Big Sky Recreational Park was only about a quarter mile from Monica's home. She decided walking there would be best. The Jag was too easily reconized. Carrying a tote bag, she brought a hammer, a rag, and her gun in case it was needed. There was also a knife, the one she had taken from Rob's home. If she had to dig out a bullet, she didn't want to have to use her fingers again.

The moon was behind a cloud most of the time and the stars were a no show. Monica used a flashlight with little fear of being seen. People went to bed early in Big Sky.

She was dressed in all black, a hoodie jacket and jeans. On her feet were tennis shoes and she wore gloves. A black woolen scarf was wrapped around her neck. It was a cold night, snow had been forecast before morning. She just hoped it didn't start until after she returned home. Pulling the hood up on the jacket to cover her hair and part of her face, she walked the distance with little effort.

Lonnie McGovern pulled his beat-up Lincoln into the park and quickly found a parking place. He could afford a much nicer car on his salary, but most of his paycheck went to his bookie. Lonnie was not a lucky gambler.

He sat in his car waiting for Monica. Figuring she would be there before him, he wondered where she was.

"Lonnie!" Hearing his name, Lonnie looked around, but saw no one. He got out of his car.

"Lonnie! Are you there? I seem to have lost my way. I guess it wasn't the smartest thing to take a walk in the dark."

Lonnie walked down the path that led through the middle of the park. "Monica? Where are you?"

"Over here! Lonnie, I'm so glad you showed up. I can't believe I got lost. I'm so dumb." She laughed, flashing her brilliant white teeth. Even on such a dark night they could be clearly seen.

Lonnie felt warm all over. "Where's your car," Lonnie asked her.

"I decided to walk, it's such a nice night. I just live up the road... oh no, I seem to have dropped my scarf somewhere. My grandmother gave it to me. I'd hate to lose it." She sounded quite distressed.

Lonnie searched the ground and spotted the scarf. "Here it is."

Monica had slipped the hammer out of her bag and as Lonnie bent to retrieve the scarf, she hit him hard in the back of his head. The blow knocked him to the ground and Monica continued hitting him. Blood flew up covering her face and much of her clothing. Her gloves were soaked.

When she was certain he was dead, she got his wallet out of his pocket and emptied it of money and credit cards. Dropping the wallet beside him, she searched his pockets to see if he had anything of value. Finding his cell phone, she took it as well, along with his coat and shoes, hoping to make it look like he had been murdered and robbed.

Using the rag, she wiped the blood from her face and cleaned off the hammer. Pulling off the blood-soaked gloves, she threw them in the bag along with the hammer and everything she had taken.

Monica knew her clothes were covered in blood, but the black hid most of it. She scrubbed the soles of her shoes in the dirt to clean off any blood so not to leave tracks. Straightening the hood on her jacket, she made sure it covered her hair and part of her face. She grabbed the tote and hoping no one else was out roaming the streets, she began the short walk home.

A family of raccoons hiding in the bushes were the only witnesses to the murder. Monica could see their eyes illuminated in the dark.

"What are you looking at?" she asked.

Rob walked into the station. "I come bearing gifts," he announced.

It didn't take long for the cinnamon rolls to disappear.

"This, I could get used to," Martin said, filling his coffee cup. He raised it toward Rob. "Thanks, boss."

"Thank Sarah, she sent them. She also told me something about the house we bought." Rob asked Martin about the rumors surrounding the house. "Did you ever hear any of them?"

"Yeah, in fact, they had us look in to it. We set up cameras, but never saw a thing. They had either done all they wanted to do, or knew we set up cameras, so quit coming around. It was weird, but no one was hurt and nothing was taken. We doubled up on the rounds we made of the site, but never saw anything suspicious."

"Well, Sarah is freaked out. She had a stalker, you know."

Martin nodded.

"He did some of this kind of thing. Getting in her place, taking things, moving stuff around. It's just a little over a year since he kidnapped her. This whole thing has her pretty upset."

"We'll patrol the neighborhood. We put the word out asking about any strangers seen in the area. I'm hoping Mason will come up with something on the fingerprints soon." Martin checked his phone to see if there was a text.

"Let's hope the guy isn't too intelligent and left prints everywhere."

"I'll check with Mason again, find out how close he is to putting the prints in the database."


The phone rang at the sergeant's desk. "Sheriff's station. How long has he been missing?... Yeah, okay, I'll tell the Sheriff. We'll try to get someone out to his place as soon as possible."

"What's going on?" Rob asked.

"Lonnie McGovern didn't show up for work. He didn't look good yesterday. Lonnie's not answering his phone. He has heart problems and his boss is afraid he might have died in his sleep. Wants one of us to check it out."

"I'll go," Martin said. "I called Mason. He is about ready to upload the fingerprints. I told him to call you with the results."

"Thanks, Martin."

Martin was glad the weather man had been wrong about it snowing during the night. He hated driving in the snow. He was halfway to Lonnie's house when a call came for him to get to the Park. A worker had found a body.

Author Notes
Monica-a spoiled narcissist obssessed with Rob
Rob Mitchell-Sheriff of Big Sky, Sarah's husband
Sarah Mitchell-Wife of Rob, ex-detective, now a bakery owner
Martin Robinson - Sheriff's Deputy
Nadine-Sarah's cousin and employee at the bakery
Sadie-Asst Baker, part-time employee
Lonnie McGovern-builder's asst.
Nathan-Sarah's brother
Janelle-Nathan's wife
David Lawson-Sarah's stalker, now deceased.


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