- The Engagement Partyby Cindy Warren
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The Engagement Party by Cindy Warren
Flash Fiction contest entry

Larry takes another drink from the tray.

The Beatles 'Michelle' plays on the sound system.

"Everyone having a good time?"
A young man walks up to him.


"Who are you?"

"I'm Chad. I'm your son."

Chad hands Larry a sheet of paper.
A camera zooms in capturing the look on his face.

There's a 99.97 percent chance you are the father.

Larry's knees shake, his stomach does flip-flops and he thinks his head is about to explode.

Michelle is here. She's seeing all of this. Everyone is. He's surrounded by cameras and cell phones.

His mind reels. There were so many women back then, and so much beer. Is it possible? The page in front of him seems to say so.

"C-can we talk about this later?"

Michelle sees the look on his face and bursts out laughing.

"Wha-what's going on?"

"Scheme-a-dream. You've been pranked."


Author Notes
For anyone outside the country who may not know, Scheme-a-Dream is an agency you can hire to play out a fantasy or to prank someone.
word count: 150


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