- Stream Tenby LIJ Red
This work has reached the exceptional level
free verse for the club
Stream Ten by LIJ Red

is our defense
from demons of reality
one cannot stare too long
at life or the Sun
liquor and love
serve for some
faith for others
unlike Lucinda Matlock
spacetime is too strong
for most of us
without shades
or a crutch.

The doc laughed,
said I had a trophy
Good dope,
cute nurse,
flickering lights
a little stinging,
then the wait
and all those
and the world
is back

Too strong for
one so old...
harsh, angular,
How grey little
dog is
how gaunt the
ancient cat
how dusty
the hovel
tall the weeds
slightly overwhelmed.


Author Notes
Wrote in six, edited for the full ten...


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