- A Nightly Occurrenceby Y. M. Roger
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A Nightly Occurrence by Y. M. Roger

“How come I always have to iron, Arindle?”
“Because–” Arindle scratched his lower abdomen, causing other parts to jiggle “–you’ve got pants. No chance of burning something important.”

Drombel whined again. “But I want to clean the kitchen. Stephanie gives extra honey for scrubbing pots!”
“Then iron fast, Drom!” Arindle laughed as he left the room.
Drombel did just that, but it took most of the remaining time before sunrise. He spied Arindle already enjoying their bread and honey.
“Hey, yourself, Drom!” ‘Rind shoved another bite in. “Some of us did more than just stand around and press clothes!”



Author Notes
The brownie (pronounced 'broony') is one of the small folk who generally act as house spirits. The brownie is a friendly being, about 3 ft tall, with brown shaggy hair and little to no clothing who comes out at night to attend to the unfinished tasks around the house.

The brownie is the most industrious of the household spirits, plowing, reaping, grinding grain, cleaning house and barns, churning butter, ... almost any tedious job, they will gladly perform. In return for all these duties, the brownie expects a small reward which must not be omitted unless you wish to offend him. A bowl of cream or honey, a glass of milk or a bannock of oats or cake (put within their reach) will ensure that your relationship with the brownie is secure. Houses with brownies have been known to have one or even a whole group of them.

To offer a brownie any form of payment other than this, especially to take pity and give them new clothes, is an insult, and they will vanish immediately. Also, if a brownie or their work is criticized, then not only will they undo everything that they have done, but also destroy a good deal more.

Brownies become associated with households in a very responsible way, attending to the daily running of the place, seeing to the animals, tending the land and giving good advice. In any household, the brownie will attach itself to one particular person and be their confidante. Brownies do not much like being addressed directly, so it is best just to leave your offering where it can be found and enjoyed. []

'depiction of a brownie' from Mythical Creatures Guide []


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