- What's Truth?by Alcreator Litt Dear
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A 231 Word Fiction; Please Read Author's Notes
What's Truth? by Alcreator Litt Dear
Please read the Author's Notes; What is the definition of the word truth? Samuel speaks about truth

"Father, what is truth?" Daniel asked his father, Samuel.

"Truth is conformity to fact or actuality, or reality, or reality of a situation, or truth may be appreciated as sincerity or integrity, or fidelity, or an original, or standard," Samuel told his son, Daniel.

"Is the definition complete"? Daniel asked his father.

"No, it is not a complete definition of truth; truly, I don't know a complete definition; moreover, I never found a complete, full, universally acceptable, or scientific definition. There are definitions in thousands; the authors and writers of different known and unknown subjects have published incomplete definitions of truth," Samuel answered.

"Father, please tell me a few words from theology and philosophy, for my knowledge, for I know now, there is no complete definition of truth," Daniel asked.

"Indeed, I am happy to say, in theology and philosophy, truth is that which is considered to be the ultimate ground of reality," Samuel said.

"Father, please tell me a word about truth from logic," Daniel asked.

"Logically, truth may be considered a positive truth-value," Samuel said, happily.

"Father, is there any definition of truth from God?" Daniel asked Samuel, curiously.

"I'm sorry, there is no definition of truth from God," Samuel said.

"Can anyone define truth?" Daniel raised a challenging question before his father, Samuel.

"Sorry, my dear son, I don't know, but I think, God knows," Samuel answered, unhappily.



Author Notes
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Enjoy this fiction expressed in my own art and style of expression; I know you may express it otherwise in your style of expression

I understand it is neither a pure fiction nor a pure non-fiction

For clarity, emphasis and true appreciation, repetition is necessary and intentional

Truly, God does not write for man

I do not know if God has ever given any complete definition on, of or about Truth

For sure, I asked God, like many others, a complete definition of Truth, but gracefully, God has never spoken to me any definition of Truth

There is a word from God, 'Truth Reveals'

God is religion free

This does not promote or canvass any unknown or known, specific or particular religion, religious scripture or religious philosophy, religious faith or religious belief, custom, creed, faith or belief

This is religion free and does not hurt anyone belongs to any known or unknown, recognised or unrecognised religion, religious faith or belief, custom, creed, convention, culture

Please do not relate this to any known or unknown, published or unpublished books, doctrines, philosophies, works and your religion or religious books or scriptures

Thank you for reading and writing a fair review

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