- The Creation of My Angelby Ricky1024
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My Son Jason.
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: The Creation of My Angel by Ricky1024

"The Creation of My Angel"
Written on July 18th, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copywrite C. Fanstory 2019
'All Rights Reserved'

Start to finish?
I relished this Task!
We need a worthy subject one whom will soon pass?
Then next?
Send that person on their way in no matter the circumstances ...
No matter the way!
Note Important:
With a 'Cream Paste of a Thousand and one Tears.' Added with pain, depressions, and then Endless Misery...
(Almost there)
As I present which was long ago done.
My very own and only Son!
Note: The passing of a child is parent's worst nightmare!
Okay now next!
For it's God's will!
To utilize all of His or Her past skills!
Were Love, Kindness, Mercy, Charity, and finally?
A Caring Ability surpassed by none other!
Now next?
Let's smooth it all over and mix...
'The Tears of Your Cream.'
And, saturated All...
With a Golden Fleece of Dreams!
Good as it should!
And now pay close attention!
For this is rare!
Yes, very rare indeed!
For as the Soul of...
'The Recently and Dearly Departed...
Witness the many orbs that gather and observe!
As He or She rises into Oblivion above!
Yes, the Great Portal of Passing!
Into and through...
'The Veil of Forgetfulness!'
Made new!
And, watch ever more closely as ...
The Departed rises above and awakens!
Drawn as if?
'Buttered Oils from a Churn!'
Yes, to the music of a Thousand Plus Angels in Unison!
Gathered and Beautifully... Rainbow-White Clouds...
Cover the Celestial Celebration!
Crying out Loud!
And Jason, as You appear?
All your past and worthy friends and family are now here!
Yes, their tragedies of their past are now...
As Yours...
Long gone with each and every....
'Angelical Song!'
For You now so Belong!
And, as they smile and grasp...
Kiss and embrace...
You are assisted...
And, finally Jay..
You on the way!
As you now notice first a snub?
Then an itch?
And, then a scratch?
As your Beautiful Wings finally hatch!
For my Son?
You are so, so, ever worthy of the up-and-coming tasks!
And yes!
As a now Angel of Immortal Being of mine?
Being an Angel doesn't come easy!
For as You wanted,waited, and Dreamed?
To at last fly?
Fly my Loving Son Jay!
And, let your adrenaline lead the way!
Yes, my Only Son Jason...
For Time is now wasting?
Sould I continue this into a book?
Approximate Word Count: 433.


Author Notes
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Talented and Amazing Artist-Writer...
'Doctor Ricky 1024.
And, his incredible picture...
"My Family"


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