- She is the rhythm in my heartby JLR
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For my Soulmate who has given her all...
She is the rhythm in my heart by JLR
Light and Sweet writing prompt entry
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Remembering, with a feeling of glee, when I felt that deep,
amazing twinge, the anticipation, the possibilities of life...
when you stole my heart!

Not a little time have I spent pondering the many parts
you have played in my lifetime of wandering.

Now, wed, at three decades six, I sit with little wonder,
that it is you, who is the ever-flowing fountain,
that nourishes my heart!

I am in awe, at the age of six decades nine
that I still have a very special someone ...
You, who stole a part of my heart,
as we beat at a pace that syncs our rhythms
until death do us part.

Writing Prompt
Write a romance poem in any style. The theme is light and sweet. Minimum 8 lines. Maximum 16 lines.


Author Notes
I am often seen holding the hand of my wife anywhere we go wandering. A couple of years ago, as I was away on business, I received the call from my wife that the biopsy was positive, she had cancer. It is by the Grace of Divine Intervention that the surgery was successful and she is now two years cancer-free. So, I, ask my readers to understand that these words are from the heart of man who really was at a very unwelcomed place as she faced life changing decisions to keep her alive.


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