- We Prefer Cod-y-Friedby Reese Turner
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Eating fish, like writing, is best in a crunch!
We Prefer Cod-y-Fried by Reese Turner
    80 Word Flash Fiction Contest Winner 

It's "summah", so the non-Mass are en masse in my small South Coast village. Our local fish mahket's filled with 'em.
"Cod, two pounds, please," I shouted.
"Cod, two pounds, yes-sir."
A Vikings shirted lady offered, "We boil cod with potatoes and leeks making a nice soup."
"So, you work at a rest home?" I thought...
"We're rubbin' cayenne and smokin' 'em," bragged Tex.
"Us Cajuns add dat roux for gumbo!" yelled Boudreaux.
I just smiled, "In Cod We Crust"...

Writing Prompt
Write a story of 80 words. not including the title. Any subject accepted. Must be exactly 80 words.
80 Word Flash Fiction
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Oh, how I love fish I did not catch and clean!


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