- The Gameby the13thpoet
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The game of love
The Game by the13thpoet

I never saw her before, she came right out of the blue.
As I see her walking towards me, I don't know what I'll do.
She finally gets up to me, and then she asks my name.
Then begins a maze of deceit in her little game.

A week or two has passed as we get to know each other.
And just the thought of being with her makes me not want another.
As the relationship progresses, we explore each other's bodies as well as minds.
To meet someone as wonderful as her would be hard to find.

I reach my house with lovely flowers and candy in my hand.
And found my beloved woman with another man.
He left us alone so we could discuss this terrible event.
But she had no answers for me when I asked "where our love had went?"

It was like another person, she was acting mean and cold.
Then she left my house and heart and I was all alone.
With tears in my eyes I sat on the bed where me and my love had laid.
And thought about her final words, she said, "that's how the game is played."


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