- Piss Foamby DragonSkulls
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Ode contest entry
Piss Foam by DragonSkulls
Ode writing prompt entry

This is an ode to you, my friend,
with courage to proceed.
You saw the title Piss Foam
yet clicked on it to read.

My ode is not for piss foam
that floats at water's edge,
but for those who read of piss foam.
To you I owe this pledge.

I raise my glass and cheer you all
because you're so unique.
Perhaps you'll think of piss foam
each time you take a leak.

It isn't all that beautiful
in poetry, you see,
for piss foam's not a sunset,
it's simply bubbled pee.

So once again, this ode's to you,
to wet your appetite.
For everyone who took the time
to read this piss foam write.


Writing Prompt
An Ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place or thing.

Author Notes
Yes, 'wet' rather than 'whet' was on purpose. Just being humorous
with the whole fluid aspect of this ridiculous piece.


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