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The cliches of time as time marches on.
Time After Time After Time After by Lobber
Poem about time (b) writing prompt entry

The Persistence of Memory
1931 - Salvador Dali 
Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Goodbyes can't destroy my memories or things I see with my heart -
Flashbacks of sultry nights and moods are not seen with misty eyes.
While lovelights may turn grey, whether living together or dying apart,
We live in a world where "time begets time" and "true love never dies."

"Time after time" Love's Pendulum swings too high.
The second hand unwinds our past passions, asking both Why? and When?
Its robust curve proves that "our love will never die,"
For love's secrets, the time is Now, not Then.

We chose each other "over and over" during the "course of time."
Each "tick" begat a "tock" to prove that "love begets love" -
While denying that our "timeless love" is but a paradigm, -
With each precious and sensual sound sent soaring aimlessly through the clouds above.

Virgil wrote that in time "Love Conquers All."
While "Time and Tide wait for none,"
But Cyndi Lauper spins our yarn - the "tireless love" we call
"Time After Time" - the one that never fades when won.

Writing Prompt
Write a four line, four stanza romance poem about time. The second and fourth line in
the first stanza, second and fourth line in second stanza, etc. must rhyme.


Author Notes
- Virgil was an ancient Roman poet.
- Cyndi Lauper's song "Time After Time" was released in 1984.


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