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Yet another brother with cancer
Do Not Tell Me Yet by Flyaway1

Was it not just last summer that you and I were here, enjoying the long days under the northwest sun? We shared our stories. We laughed at the past.

This summer did not shine, nor did we dance. We did not share our stories; we did not laugh. You were not here.

We have been living under a shadow, jumping through grey hoops of emotion. Yes, you have cancer. Once again, we will all fight and believe that God is good.

You have given us all so much. You are that one person that can believe the sky is green- even when we know it to be blue. Your music is beautiful. Your songs have touched hearts.

Please, remember to live--I have no more goodbyes to give.
If that time should ever come, I will walk quietly away, taking a hike among the tall Vermont trees that you so loved.

I know that this is not the end. I will see you soon.

"We are not a people without hope."



Author Notes
The last several weeks have been difficult for my family. Twenty plus years ago, my oldest brother passed from cancer. We know, now, that another brother has cancer. It is a lot to take in. Writing is the only way I know to start grieving. In my heart, I think he will beat the odds. Why? Because he is who he is.


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