- We Knewby Willie P. Smith
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Love explained
We Knew by Willie P. Smith
    Poem about Love Contest Winner 

I awoke last night
From a restful sleep,
And glanced at you
Lying quietly beside me.

I whispered, I love you,
Softly in your ear.
I pictured a smile upon your face,
Although I could not see.

I thanked you in a whisper,
For being what you are
And sharing your love,
All these years.

I placed your hand in mine
And squeezed it gently.
I kissed your cheek,
As I moved closer to you.

When I attempted to move away,
You would not release my hand.
And sweetly responded,
I love you too.

In that moment,
Although no more words were spoken.
We returned to peaceful sleep,
Because, we knew----

(Written for my deceased wife in 1982)

Writing Prompt
Write a six stanza, four line poem about love/romance, method of rhyme, Lines 4-8, must rhyme, 12-16 must rhyme and 16 and 20 must rhyme.
Poem about Love
Contest Winner


Author Notes
A true love.


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