- On my way homeby Colin Lowley
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A true unfortunate story
On my way home by Colin Lowley
Being Blind writing prompt entry

I had finished for the day and made my way
Past commuters who did not smile
I followed my usual route, in my old grey suit
And found the escalator that went up a mile

As I got to the top and looked up to the edge
There was a thump to my skull! I then held my head
He did not see me, and I did not see him
A man with a white Cane, he too had pain

My head clashed with another, himself all hunched
A day to remember my upright sucker punch
I did say "sorry" as I glimpsed his vacant eyes
He murmured in shock and forgotten whys

With his senses still alive he then tapped and fell away
The escalator moving we went our separate ways
Does this happen each day to some other stranger too?
The blind man on his way, who headbutts me and you

Of course, all praise to the blind man who does dare
To go about his day with a see-through stare
We should be more wary, of this man so easy to dismiss
Could we attempt this walk if our eyes were so amiss?.

Writing Prompt
Write a POEM in 20 lines or less, featuring a person who is BLIND. Can be any situation (blind drunk doesn't count, ha ha). There can be other people in the poem also.

Author Notes
Unfortunately this did happen, and I will never forget the people who stared at us both in utter amazement!


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