- Damsel Springby RodG
This work has reached the exceptional level
a sonnet
Damsel Spring by RodG
Sonnet Poetry Contest contest entry

On scented breeze sweet damsel Spring arrives
and wends her way through fields down to the shore.
See where each foot is placed a seedling thrives
as bushes, trees leaf out and sea gulls soar.

This traipsing lass whose sleeveless stola flaps
about her sandaled feet has sparkling eyes.
With childlike laugh, delightedly she claps
her pale small hands to hush the magpies' cries.
Since Old Man Winter was a surly guest,
a vibrant, carefree sprite's a welcome sight.
Yet she must roam: her spirit cannot rest.
She'll brighten, stir our lives, then take swift flight.

Capricious Spring came back to us today,
but like a sea-bound sailor will not stay.


Author Notes
Artwork courtesy of Googlevimages.

STOLA--a long, loose tunic or robe with or without sleeves, worn by women of Rome.


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