- The Visitorby Rachelle Allen
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The Visitor by Rachelle Allen
Being Blind writing prompt entry

My aunt went blind from glaucoma,
but her humor remained intact.
She called my mother (her sister)
to describe that day's scene, exact.

"A man with no hearing or speech came by;
he'd been to each house on our street.
He held up a sign - I heard its loud flapping -
To explain the point of this meet."

"I'm blind, and I can't read your sign," I told him.
But he could not hear or explain.
"I think I've found True Love, " Auntie said.
"All our fights would be in vain!"

Writing Prompt
Write a POEM in 20 lines or less, featuring a person who is BLIND. Can be any situation (blind drunk doesn't count, ha ha). There can be other people in the poem also.


Author Notes
In our family, there is no malady so awful that humor can't factor in to mitigate it.


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