- An Encouraging Wordby Tina Crute
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Your words can lift someone's spirit!
An Encouraging Word by Tina Crute
Acrostic Poetry Contest contest entry
Artwork by Lilibug6 at

Expressive like a master's art

Notes to others paint their hearts

Cause is love combined with action

Optimism, the drawn reaction

Ultimately a heart's frown is changed

Rewarding the painter a smile exchanged

Another's brightened soul will cry

Grateful for love's care supply

Emotion born of palette blues

Meanwhile tints to cheerful hues

Encouraging wash of color bright

Necessary soul infused with light

Transformation art by love done right.

Author Notes
Thank you, lilibug6 for the use of your photo.
Be sure to catch the hidden sentence! that reads from top to bottom, using the first word of each line. This is not a requirement of the acrostic form, but I did it for extra fun!

I wrote this after experiencing how much a few kind or encouraging words can mean to the elderly or lonely. I often visit or write letters to friends and family who are in need of companionship. To them, each letter or card is like a treasured painting. It changes their heart and gives hope.
Thanks for reading. Love to all:)


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