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Legend of the Snowy River ride by Chrissy710
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Legend of the Snow River Ride

The man from Snowy River is a legend far and wide,
who's known throughout Australia for his daring mountain ride

When from the station homestead old Regret had got away
and he joined the wild bush horses, upon this fateful day.

So the bushmen they all gathered and Clancy took the lead,
he'd show the way, no better horseman sat upon his steed.

The bushmen's horses pure breeds, except for one it's said
a weedy beast quite undersized, but he was mountain bred.

But Clancy said let's take him too, for every man will count
he'll hold his seat, upon the ridge; we'll need him at the mount.

And so they started riding with their stock whips cracked the pace,
but when they reached the mountain side, they saw the horse's race.

Down the scrubby mountain side, that defied the riders' skill
then the man from snowy river raced his pony down the hill.

Through the scrub he raced along, down the mountain rough flint-stones
until he finally beat them, and they yielded white with foam.

It's said in Kosciusko, that this story's often heard
of this wiry lad of courage, now an Aussie household word.

Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem consisting of nine two line stanzas. Fiction or non fiction, method of rhyme up to writer. Poem to be about a horse or horses.
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Author Notes
The Man From Snowy River is a poem written by one of most famous Australian bush poets 'Banjo Paterson' and I have based my poem the Legend of the Snowy River Ride on this poem. Thanks to Banjo for the inspiration

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Thanks for reading my work and I hope you enjoy my rendition of his most revered and beautifully written poem 'The man from Snowy river' that can be found under his pen name 'Banjo Paterson'


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