- Mother's Dayby Suzie Q
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An Acrostic tribute to Moms
Mother's Day by Suzie Q
Mother's Day Poetry Contest contest entry

Mother's Day encompasses a lifetime
Of precious moments decorated by you
Treasured memories wrapped in a hug
Honored and cherished more than you knew
Expressions of admiration and pride
Rarely convey the love in my heart
Streams of my gratitude will never run dry

Day by day, till the end, right from the start
And so thank you Mom, for the many reasons why
You will always be the brightest star in my sky

Author Notes
I wish my Mom was still here so I could recite this to her face to face. She was the best friend I ever had. I thought I'd share this for all of those who have an amazing Mom like mine. There is no praise high enough for the job they do. God bless all the Moms out there. Happy Mother's Day!


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