- Baseball Season Startedby l.raven
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just for fun
Baseball Season Started by l.raven

I finally got a day off work,
we're going to go to the park
the first days of baseball are here,
they last from morning till dark

I told my wife, order tickets online,
before they're all sold out
she said, she would when her shopping was done,
and said, "you don't have to shout"

the day finally here, excited I was,
my stomach felt like butterflies
 first day of the season, now was here,
under clear blue beautiful skies

we arrived at the field, I parked the car,
we headed right to the gate
we rushed to our seats, my heart was pounding,
boy, I could hardly wait

I stopped in shock, said to my wife,
"where did you get these tickets dear ? "
I got them at Joe's fish market hun,
from two men out on the pier

so proud of myself, the money I saved,
I went and bought some new shoes
I knew you would want me to look my best,
isn't that wonderful news

I sat in the seat, my face looked of stone,
the same as the wall in my sight
now hoping the day would go by fast,
and soon put an end to the night

I looked at my wife, she was polishing her nails,
I asked her, are you having fun ?
she looked at her shoes, and smiled at me,
I said " Good, I hope those shoes can run"



Author Notes
Just for fun.


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