- Spring in Swing by tempeste
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Poem on Spring 5-7-5-x 3
Spring in Swing by tempeste
5-7-5 Springtime Trio writing prompt entry

days become longer
life wakes from winter slumber
swallows head back home

soft, timid sunshine
outburst of vibrant colours
bathed in morning dew

life's cycle restarts
cute offsprings delight our sight
frolicking in fields

Writing Prompt
Write a 'chain' of THREE 5-7-5 poems that address three different aspects of the budding Spring season. They can be three things that are linked by a common 'thread' or they can be totally unrelated items that only have 'Springtime' in common. No other requirements except that each of your 'stanzas' (each 5-7-5) must follow the format of:

first line - 5 syllables
second line - 7 syllables
third line - 5 syllables

Have fun! Be creative! Be colorful! But most of all, make us want to vote for yours! :) ;)

Author Notes

The swallows in my country winter in Africa and head back home for Spring , to mate and take care of their off spring ..come beginning of October they leave.


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