- And Then Came. . .by moongirlwriter
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How I love the beauty and warmth of spring.
And Then Came. . . by moongirlwriter
5-7-5 Springtime Trio writing prompt entry
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Cold, chilled to the bone
How lovely the snowflakes, but
I need to be warm!

Slowly, so slowly
Sunshine arrives and teases
More rain yet to come

Time to bask, my friends
Green trees, birds sing, flowers bloom
Atchoo, spring's arrived

Writing Prompt
Write a 'chain' of THREE 5-7-5 poems that address three different aspects of the budding Spring season. They can be three things that are linked by a common 'thread' or they can be totally unrelated items that only have 'Springtime' in common. No other requirements except that each of your 'stanzas' (each 5-7-5) must follow the format of:

first line - 5 syllables
second line - 7 syllables
third line - 5 syllables

Have fun! Be creative! Be colorful! But most of all, make us want to vote for yours! :) ;)

Author Notes
I do so love spring and the warmth it brings. With that warmth, I also get my first attack of allergies and know that spring has arrived. Once everything starts drying out, my allergies settle down and I get to enjoy those lazy days of summer.


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