- Destiny Hope Reason and Faith by QC Poet
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A First Four Word Rotating Quatrain
The Two of Me
: Destiny Hope Reason and Faith by QC Poet
Quatrain Poetry writing prompt entry

Destiny always happens if it thrives,
Hope is the yearning that we get there,
Reason is the justification that it strives, 
Faith is confidence it eventually gets here.

Hope our souls and pain will be full of glee,
Reason is what helps us to explain it,
Faith is to believe it's for you and me,
Destiny is the shoehorn that makes us fit in. 

Reason for praying our battle's won,
Faith in believing all things get concluded,
Destiny for more time before any war has begun,
Hope for all hurt and pain to be eluded.

Faith so much and strong that it smothers,
Destiny for mother's prayers to be done,
Hope that we all pray for the needs of others,
Reason is all Faiths good fights need to be won.



Writing Prompt
A quatrain is a poem that has four lines for each stanza. It usually has rhyme scheme of abab or its variant, xbyb. Click here for an example.

Author Notes
A First Four Word Rotating Quatrain
Destiny Hope Reason and Faith
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A First Four Word Rotating Quatrain.

Shoehorn; context is that of a verb;
1. Force into an inadequate space.


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