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Quatrain Poetry Contest Entry
Where's The Site by DragonSkulls
Quatrain Poetry writing prompt entry

Where's the site I'm looking for,
where fantasy is wrote,
where queens wield blades while waging war
and valiant knights are smote?

Where dragons rip down castle walls
and burn the kingdom's crest.
Where hordes are scorched as fire falls
upon the queen's request.

Where blood is spilled when swords are drawn
and magic spells are cast.
Where men still fight when hope is gone
until they breathe their last.

Where archers fill the darkened skies
and arrows pierce the night.
When men ignore what fate decides
and boldly charge in spite.

Where shields and steel and armor clash.
Where queens come well prepared.
Where kingdoms fall then burn to ash
and not one man is spared.

Where's the site I'm looking for
so I might persevere?
When writes like this are just ignored...
it clearly isn't here.


Writing Prompt
A quatrain is a poem that has four lines for each stanza. It usually has rhyme scheme of abab or its variant, xbyb. Click here for an example.


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