- The Danger That Is Hate by QC Poet
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History Can Repeat Itself Again
Pappa's Memories and Ramblings
: The Danger That Is Hate by QC Poet
Story Poem/Prose contest entry

Have you ever read history's sadness?
And it left a big hole within your Soul?
Types that can still move others?
Even its whispers bring hurt into swirling minds!

Thoughts add fuel to life's burning issues,
Help inflame distorted wrongful thinking!
Adds to Hearts unwanted distress,
That left alone grow quickly to fester,
Some may implode in raging outbursts.

Do ya ever sit, think and begin to wonder?
Anything said can be taken out of context,
Never intendeding the damage that is done.
Getting evermore bold when ignored,
Everybody has their own opinions,
Right or wrong action can have reaction,
Only we can't force our will upon all others,
Unless Loves Will is for ourselves,
Stop ignoring desperations walls of Hate!

Notes; In the June 2015, a "contender" announced a run to be President of the United States of America. The platform issues that were touched upon that day included domestic items like illegal immigration, offshoring of jobs, national debt, and Islamic terrorism.
The contender was a party flip flopping tv millionaire with a known history of financial, hateful, and shady business associations and other issues that were mostly self serving and yet never given serious scrutiny.

I thought then - this can turn ugly in many different ways!

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Contest Entry,
Ah ha moment,
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The Danger That Is Hate
Acrostic Prose
Hate That's Dangerous
By; George Martinez


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