- Thomas Gomel Learns About Bullyingby Shirley McLain
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Educational fiction about bullying
Thomas Gommal Learns about Bullying
: Thomas Gomel Learns About Bullying by Shirley McLain

Thomas Gomel is a 12 y/o boy who is dealing with the school bully. Chapter 1 gives you background of home and what Thomas is dealing with.

 Thomas' body tried its best to keep him in bed. I don't want to get out of bed. Mom doesn't realize what's beginning.
Emily yelled at him twice to urge him out of bed. The first day of school but Thomas couldn’t make himself move because of fear and anxiety which his body experienced. He couldn't show it. No one saw his real feelings. He'd convinced himself at twelve that he could act. He believed his mother never
recognized his stress which made Thomas rather proud of himself.

A large picture hung over the fireplace of Silas Gomel. His mother's habit of inviting everyone in town to come and see the painting showed how proud she was to be the wife of the great-great-grandson, of the founding Gomel.The painting's appearance made it awkward because of its size, and the down lighting made it the only thing which stood out in the room. Visitors and family thought Thomas and his fourth great grandfather resembled one another. It's hard to understand how two relatives so far apart in years looked like each other.

Thomas' dad, Charles, told everyone they were identical twins except, one of them was 100 years older, give or take a few years. Everyone laughed at his overused joke. Thomas never laughed, but he tried his best to smile. He didn't want to hurt his father's feelings.
Thomas heard his mother call his entire name for the third time, he no longer had a choice, he got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, to brush his teeth and dress.

A twelve-year-old boy didn't care what he wore, as long as it resembled jeans and a T-shirt. What Thomas perceived of himself in the mirror was a geeky, dark-haired, boy who wore glasses, with a body like a stick and no muscles.Little wonder I'm the one Crusher picks on the most. Thomas, you're the biggest nerd in school,  he told himself.

The school put restrictions on what shirts the boys wore, because of all the gang violence going on in the bigger cities. Gomelton never had a real gang problem with violence, but they wanted to prevent it if they could.

Every Monday morning during school, she handed him lunch money and told him not to spend it all in one place and laughed like it was the greatest joke in the world. Thomas thought it was corny but did his best to show her how much he loved her for what she did for him. He stepped in front of her and placed his arms around her middle and hugged her for a long time. Tears sprang to her eyes because of the tenderness her son showed
Crusher's build filled Thomas with self-loathing and fear. The teachers believed him the perfect student because his family had money and his speech was polite around them, and they called him Crusher. Out of the teachers' sight, every kid younger than Crusher was potential prey.

Bookbag in hand Thomas walked down the street toward the school. He observed what a pretty street he lived on with the roadside full of trees and flower gardens. The sweet scent almost made him forget his fears. You're a nerd.”Thomas' mind told him. He cringed and felt his shoulders tighten. Relax, you haven't reached the school yet, Thomas told himself.

Sometimes, his mind flashed back to Crusher and the prior year. I want Crusher out of my mind. He forced his mind back to the neighborhood with the birds in the trees singing, the amazing smelling rose hedge. Anything to keep Crusher out of his head. This year will be the same as the last and the one before. Life at school is total misery.Thomas spent a lot of time beating himself up with his inner dialogue

 Thomas' heart pounded in his chest because of his anxiety over school. Crusher’s parents knew nothing about his secret. The one boy in school who made life hell for any kid he encountered.

Thomas couldn't make himself move fast because of Paul Cusher, otherwise known as Crusher. Crusher looked fourteen or fifteen years old instead of the same age as Thomas. Crusher was muscular and had a work out gym he often used at home. He wore his hair close-clipped to the scalp, which made him appear bald-headed from a distance. He once said he was going to get a tattoo on the back of his head just like the ones, he sees on those prison shows.



Author Notes
Bullying is a nationwide and possibly a worldwide epidemic in schools among male and females. This book is appropriate for ages 10 and above to help them understand and learn ways to deal with bullying. Please feel free to make any suggestions. I want this short book to be a learning tool as well as a fictional story to enjoy.


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