- Planting Grandson's Birth Treeby Debbie Pope
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To Eddy, Charley, and Benjamin
Planting Grandson's Birth Tree by Debbie Pope
Tree-Hugger 5-7-5 writing prompt entry

you and fledgling oak
commence life's journey today 
may you share strong roots


Writing Prompt
Write a poem with 5-7-5 syllables about a tree, trees or forest.

Author Notes
This is a tradition that we started for our grandsons. I wish that I had done it for our own children. What magnificent trees we would have by now. Unfortunately my granddaughters did not get a tree because there was no room for a tree.

According to the Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar, the oak tree is utilized in potions for protection and strength, fertility, and good fortune. It has been said that if you carry an acorn in your pocket, you will have good luck. Another superstition has it that If you catch a falling oak leaf before it hits the ground, you will be healthy all year. The oak tree moon serves those born between June 10 - July 7.

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