- The Healer On Blue Mountain by Christine C Autry
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Sibby Jane lived on Blue Mountain. A Healer might save her.
The Healer On Blue Mountain by Christine C Autry
100 Word Flash Fiction contest entry

I saw the snake too late, it struck me fast. I fell in the bean patch. I lay there yelling, as my heart raced. My brother Siebert ran to me as fast as he could. I was crying, and screaming in agony. Grabbing my arm he desperately sucked blood and venom as quickly as possible; spitting it harshly on the ground. He helped me the rest of the way up the mountain. I saw the healer's hands on her hips standing in the cabin door. Beginning to puke again. I felt the rush of death trying to take my last breath.


Author Notes
My family all still live in the mountains of Kentucky. In this time they used healers. I am not saying you will live from this. My Grandmother was Cherokee and told us about how they would heal snake bites. She was a really wise woman.


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