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New Year Unresolution
try again by taurist
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There was a knock on the door. I had foreshadowed what was to come months earlier. Now was the time to inhale the courage to answer fate. I spent the last year knowing, regretting, rehearsing this moment. Just as the seasons change, this time of year was inevitable.
I raised my body off the couch and shook a smile onto my face. If my beliefs were to be true, I was certain this moment would be over quickly, and I could return to my darkened coil of peace. A place of tranquility interrupted innocently by the figure at my doorstep.
I opened the door, allowing in too much light and quickly took back some shadow by adjusting little room for the stranger's entry. My visitor smiling, sweetly peering into my eyes, they were familiar to me now. Unbeknownst to them, their presence jeopardized my future.
I heard no words produced from my conqueror's mouth. My gaze defeatedly downward at the solicitor's hands. Kyrptonic boxes filled with the enemy of my best intentions. I swallowed any pride and will-power wrangled these last 3 weeks, and bought the cookies.

Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with this sentence: There was a knock on the door.
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