- The Darkened Nightby TheStoryMan
This work has reached the exceptional level
A panther on its night hunt
The Darkened Night by TheStoryMan

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Tonight I will hunt you down
So fearless and at ease.
Prowling beneath the starlight
Peering behind the trees.

So stealth in my perfection-
For forever I am black.
As so silently I probe,
Premeditate -ATTACK!

Sniffing the forest air
They know and are aware
Something's out there-LURKING
For they feel my solemn stare.

And then...

In a flash and fast as lightning
Nature in resplendence
Instantaneous young death
Emphatic independence.

Be it now must known,
As I pull this lifeless prey,
Limp and in my grasp
I shall carry it away.

Soon my dust will settle
And the sun shall again shine bright,
But a doe will walk alone this day
The end of her darkest night!


Author Notes
I gave the panther the ability to speak in this poem-because as a predator a lot of thinking goes into his late night tactics-and in this tale I tried to bring his hunt to life from his perspective-thanks for reading.


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