- My Own Front Doorby easyeverett1
This work has reached the exceptional level
A poem.
My Own Front Door by easyeverett1

I stand before the twenty-four
Fine window panes in my front door.
I wait upon the reaper's sword,
Come with his mighty minion hoard.

A premonition came to me,
(it was of sin and family)
And that is why we face this fate
Reprieve to come will come too late.

Enchanted shadows dance around
Their permeations do abound
Throughout this house of glass and wood;
What evil has this house withstood?

My brother first and now it's me,
Condemned to cursed iniquity
Within these panes that writhe alive
In frenzied struggle to survive.

What dark distortion God hath wrought,
While knowing what the reaper sought;
With no protection or escape,
I now stand naked in the wake.

The fading glass now shimmering,
And melting colors simmering,
The window panes of twenty-four
Now separate from my front door.

Then slowly, in a serpent's slide,
Its evil manifest inside,
This primal creature starts to rise
As protoplast before my eyes.

My voice cries out to this sick beast,
"Please finish now your devil's feast."
A sudden silence fills the air;
It is my brother standing there.

Part skin and bone, part melted glass,
But no escape from this dark mass.
Grotesque my brother comes to me;
"Come join me in iniquity."

Now in the rising morning light,
There's not a sign now left in sight.
But once again there is that door;
With our two souls deep in its core.



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