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I've Arrived by Artasylum
    When Life Was Still Fun Contest Winner 

As I waddled through unmowed grass, 
just this side of brand-new... 

Fresh eyes drank in colored blooms; 
soaking up the morning dew. 

Grabbing at every thing that moved; 
giggling with joy when it flew. 

The morning seemed so magical. 
The earth felt warm, winds blew. 

My mom would dress me all in frills;
optimistic I'd stay clean. 

The tomboy in me chose to wallow; 
Mom and her unrequited dreams. 

The sun was getting stronger 
and the fragrances smelled sweet. 

My first glimpses of the day, 
were in such a quick retreat. 

A bright red flash caught my eye... 
roses growing up the vines. 

Stumbling towards them to grab a bunch, 
Mom called me inside... "Lunch!"

***The thorns could wait*** 

When Life Was Still Fun
Contest Winner



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