- The Assertive Builderby tmoler
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Magnificently going from shyness to inspirer
The Assertive Builder by tmoler
Terza Rima Sonnet poem writing prompt entry

I'm stunned by my inability to speak.
Drained by not amplifying the inner noise.
With earnest I stretch to resolve what I seek.

Desired efforts over months reveal my poise.
As I grow confidence builds like a tower.
Higher and higher like monumental toys.

Uplifting words drench out sadness in shower.
This lake I have manifested is growing.
Useful wisdom delivered with nice power.

One person to another it keeps flowing.
Abundant sentences heard don't damper me.
The crowd is diverse but forever sowing.

One day at a climatic time we will see.
Does kindness help many people to agree.

Writing Prompt
Terza Rima Sonnet is a poem with an eleven syllable count in each line and the rhyming scheme is aba bcb cdc ded ee. .
For an example, check shadow poetry website.

Author Notes
At one point in my life I was very shy until I started to speak up and eventually become an advocate.


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