- Rising Above it Allby A. Willow Bends
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My thoughts on soul follow.
Rising Above it All by A. Willow Bends
Soul Writer writing prompt entry

our ethereal, effervescent portion
ascends above our final selves
touching lightly both worlds
letting gently go of one
and leaning toward the light of sun/stars
without regret, soul travels silently
on Angel's wings
barely glancing back
only to seek reassurance
all is well
no time to dwell upon it now
later perhaps to watch from the Heavens
as a Guardian Angel
seeking the bodies and minds
the needs of who will call on us most
we will stand a silent ghost at their sides
they may not be aware
we were there

perchance bending moments toward right
darkness toward light
appearing for mere glances
chances to set a path on course
our soul then to retreat
back to our Heavenly seat in eternity
awaiting another bleeding heart
in need we succumb
opaque comfort to the world

fully content
for this is what is meant
gift of soul

Writing Prompt
In under 150 words, define a "soul." You may write poetry or prose.

Author Notes
I would like to believe (actually do believe) our soul lives on in another dimension and I do believe in Guardian Angels. I hope after my time is done here I get the chance to be one. Ah! A woman's work is never done! :)

Hats off to wolfdancer13 for a beautiful photograph to use with my words. Thank you so very much. It is lovely!


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