- My Furry Family by tempeste
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Life would be lonely without them.
My Furry Family by tempeste
Beautiful Creatures writing prompt entry

Nature based documentaries have always been a favourite of mine. Animals are beautiful and fanscinating subjects to observe in their natural habitats and I personally enjoy learning about their survival abilities ; their ingenious defence strategies and how they outsmart their prey.

Due to my innate love for animals, already at a young age I felt more at ease with my pets than with my fellow humans. I have had several dogs and cats , all with their own unique personalities. (and one extraordinary squirrel monkey, the most engaging of the bunch.)

Living with my furry family members I have learnt that pets are by far more worthy of the title ...loyal friend ...than most humans are .

When I'm feeling down they offer nudges, purrs and wagging tails to cheer me up.
When I tear up they console me with wet kisses and more nudges.
When I need just to feel important to someone they willingly share their time with me, put a paw on my lap and ask for a brush or walk.
When I need to vent they are patient and lend not one but two ears.
When I need comfort they fill my arms with warmth.

They are loyal ,they don't judge and I am their world.

There is nothing more heart warming then being greeted by wagging tails , joyful meows after a long day out.

The truth is : without pets my purse would be full and my house clean but my heart would also be empty.

Writing Prompt
Write a short essay about an animal - maximum 300 words. It can be a beloved pet or a wild animal you admire. The photo you include should be of the animal, or type of animal, you are describing.

Author Notes
That's me and my boy Abdullah smooching. Not yet a year old, you can still see his puppy moustache on the sides of his muzzle.

Abdullah is in doggy heaven now waiting for me.

Abdullah was an Afghan Hound..his father Pasha (golden shaded ) and his mamma Kanda (dark) were both international champions.

I'm proud to say that Abdullah never had to go to a dog show in his life but he did make heads turn when my father took him out for his daily walk .[biggrin]


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