- The Danceby Connie C
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It's Never Too Late to Dance
The Dance by Connie C

Into my heart he waltzed right in
and I, always the cautious one,
was frightened that I might begin
a dance with life so close to done.

He took my hand, I let him lead
while worrying I might not be
the kind of partner he would need
to stay in step eternally.

We both had danced through decades past
with other partners now long gone.
Somehow I feel the song will last.
With him, this dance I shall take on.


Author Notes
I based this poem on a very sweet woman I know in her early 80's who a year ago became reunited with a high school sweetheart. Both had been in unhappy marriages for many decades and were both single. They are in love and are enjoying a wonderful "dance" in their remaining years.


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