- Totem Creaturesby Cass Carlton
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These are Mine and I am Theirs
Cloud Shadows
: Totem Creatures by Cass Carlton
No Restrictions Poetry writing prompt entry

Owls, with wide and silent wings
Love the night and fear not the dark.
They live in forsaken houses
And remember.

Wolves, with grey coats and yellow eyes
Live in wild and lonely places.
They fear not man, but shun him still
For they remember.

Eagles rear their young on crags
Where storm winds lash and wail.
She holds them close against her bosom
So they will remember.

I would be as silent as the Owl
As distant as the Wolf
And as fierce as the Eagle
And, I would remember.

Man is cruel in his pride
Spares not creatures wild and free.
Time will come to pay the price
And then, he may remember.

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