- The Last Song, For Godby Ideasaregems-Dawn
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a beautiful myth, a wild bird's sacrifice to God
The Last Song, For God by Ideasaregems-Dawn

The thorn bird's song is praise to God -
All nature pauses, marks the day
the thorn bird praises.

Wild throng assembles,
her rapturous notes,
a glorious sacrifice
and must be heard.

This bird...

Breast pierced and bloody,
life exchanged
for this refrain

the thorn bird sings

but once.

Yet I again
sing MY refrain -

my agony relents,

for at His feet
is my retreat -

all gone
my sad pretense.



Author Notes
In 2011 or 2012, I read the story of the thorn bird. I have never been able to find the exact article again. Googling "thorn bird" only brought up the television program and book of the same name. But I THOUGHT it was a true tale, and it moved me so much, I've never forgotten it.
The myth is that this bird sings only once its entire life -- when it plunges itself onto the thorns of a thorny bush. With its breast pierced, it sings so gloriously that all wildlife within hearing distance stop to listen.

And that song lasts from dawn to dusk!

It was a poignant, beautiful story, and it's what inspired this poem.


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