- Warriorby knottysailor65
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The wounds dont always show
Warrior by knottysailor65
Rhyming Poem contest entry

Upon a smoking battlefield, the warrior stands alone
So many battles fought so hard, he barely knows his home
His helm no longer glistens now, it's dented and it's worn
His pauldrons cracked and broken, hanging loosely on his arms
His shield lies upon the ground in splintered, wrecked remains
His battle flag no longer bright, it's tattered and it's stained

The warrior bends and takes a knee, we gasp at such a sight
For what could bow this fearsome man who never shirks a fight
We see no mark upon his chest, no bloodstain on his cheek
No scars to show he lost the war nor signs that he is weak
The demons that he battles now are not for us to know
He hides his scars and binds his wounds, he cannot let them show

The many knives that pierced his heart by women loved in vain
The stab wounds aching in his back from those he thought his friends
He battles with the fiends of doubt, and imps who say he's lost
He fights a constant skirmish that commands a frightful cost
The slightest sign of weakness we'll not see behind his eyes
He turns his head away from us so we'll not see him cry

Tis not for him to lay down arms and cower in despair
He feels compelled to give his strength to all in need of care
But there are days he wishes for someone who understands
Who lays his head down in her lap and holds his tired hands
A lady who will see his love is boundless, without end
A woman standing by his side as lover and as friend

But as the sun dips down now and draws close upon the hill
He feels little hope that this was ever the gods will
And so the warrior takes a breath and turns his mount for home
And as the sun sets on the field
The warrior stands alone

Author Notes
It√?¬¢??s always said that you should write about subjects you know about. So, I did.


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