- Distant Stars Sparkleby ciliverde
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: Distant Stars Sparkle by ciliverde
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Distant stars sparkle -
midnight sky illumined by
beams of ancient light 



Author Notes
NASA photo of a galaxy labelled UGC 1810 by itself. Together with its collisional partner it is known as Arp 273.

"As you look outward into space, you're actually looking backwards in time.
The light you see from your computer is nanoseconds old. The light reflected from the surface of the Moon takes only a second to reach Earth. The Sun is more than 8 light-minutes away. And so, if the light from the nearest star (Alpha Centauri) takes more than 4 years to reach us, we're seeing that star 4 years in the past. There are galaxies millions of light-years away, which means the light we're seeing left the surface of those stars millions of years ago."


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