- A Lifetime Of Guiltby prettybluebirds
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I hurt the person I loved most
A Lifetime Of Guilt by prettybluebirds
Guilt Flash Fiction - 50 Words writing prompt entry

I hurt him so badly, and now he is gone. My father, the first man in my life. I never told him I was sorry for the pain I caused when I ran off with a married man, an unspeakable crime in the sixties. I live with the guilt forever.

Writing Prompt
Write a story of exactly 50 words about the topic of guilt. Any genre is acceptable. Title not part of word count.


Author Notes
In the sixties, it was a terrible thing for a young unmarried girl to live with a man without marriage. It was even worse for that man to be married to someone else. Now, it is a common thing, but back then, it was unforgivable.


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