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after an exhausting shift, 9:00 in the morning.
Nightwork by Lance Polin
Work Flash Fiction - 50 words writing prompt entry

After getting home from a brutal shift, I decided to keep the lights off in my house. It had been a day filled with light, down inside that cypherous bog. I drenched my three-twelve early morning lunch in a puddle of oil. I haven't eaten anything yet. And I stink.

Writing Prompt
It's Sunday night here in the US, and that means back to work tomorrow for many. Write a 50 word flash fiction story that deals with the topic of work. Any genre is acceptable.


Author Notes
Sometimes I stop working at crazy hours. I wake up at 5:28 AM every morning (except Sunday--I sleep in) and sit down here, on and off, from 8:00 to sometimes after four AM or all night. I used to work overnight security when I was in college at a meat packing plant employing mostly illegal immigrants. It tilts your world. I also worked overnight as a security guard in the suicide wing of a big city hospital. And as a bartender, in fact most of my career, in those days, was been spent mixing cocktails and pouring beer and wine to usually unhappy people after hours. And so I wish to evoke a time that has lingered with me until my work ethic to this day, sometimes damning my family, at other times just making me funny and mean-spirited, and surrounded by bitter enough people to keep me from feeling I am insane. There. There's a 'blind' bio. Tell me I'm shy--


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