- Let's Move To Thereby Alcreator Litt Dear
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Read Author Notes First: A silly poem in my art & style
Let's Move To There by Alcreator Litt Dear
Please read Author Notes first. You are welcomed. First and last ever: A silly poem: Don't know the place

Countdown begins
Let's move there
Come rolling
Come ringing
Come singing
Move along my ring
To there
Where you wanted to live ever before
Come near
We are about to move to there

Countdown begins
Yellowish or childish or unwise men are disallowed there
Man of any colour and community can go there
Love and respect in every sphere of living is everywhere there
Everything is state-owned there
Get single citizenship there
One or only religion Humanity is followed there
Religious places and religious institutions are not there
Know man as man by status and community there

Countdown begins
Come rolling there
Crime is not entertained there
Instant Justice and punishment is customary there
Let's move to there

Countdown begins
Hanging or capital punishment is not there
Life imprisonment is no more there
Lovers the humanists or true human beings and 
Or all peace lovers are welcomed there
A peace-lover can get his or her life there
Till end of a life

Countdown begins
Come rolling
Everyone lives a good peaceful life there 
All get freedom and right to live there
Equality before law and justice is prevalent there
All enjoy the right to information there
As everyone enjoys right to fair expression there

Humane and fair wisdom and practicable skills are recognised there
Creditable and commendable services are prized there
State does not make any lottery business there
Fearless living is champion there
Let's move to there

Countdown begins
Enjoy three seasons and three times vacations a year
Enjoy your job occupations and professions
Or vocations or avocations
Know no scams and corruptions
Free nominations for ministerial posts are not followed there
Let's move to there

Countdown begins
Be warned
Or better be concerned
Get job or employment upon individual eligibility
Job skill tests are compulsory for job continuity
Periodic job eligibility tests are taken in reality
Get job retirement with lifetime benefits upon disability

Countdown begins
Come along
Come rolling
Come ringing
Come singing
Move along my rings
Let us move with or without wings
Be Free to move now
It is good to move free with me now
Get ready or be prepared now
Let's move to there




Author Notes
Please read this Author Notes in order to save our own resources and precious time

Some wise reviewers start writing reviews first without reading Author Notes and spread misconceptions

Recognised is a U.K. English word and I think I should mention it for my wise readers who do not know U.K. English

Enjoy this silly poem (free of any traditional form or format)

I have written this first and last ever in my own style and art of expression

Please be free to escape if you do not like my style and art of expression includes repetition and it is always punctuation free and meter free

Repetition is necessary and intentional to help you proper appreciation of the thoughts

This does not promote or canvass any known or published doctrine or theory or religious scripture

This is no theory or research work or any study and I do not promote any published book or published book of philosophy

This is no question paper or test paper or puzzle calling for your writing answer or definition or explanation

I do not know the place and name of the land or place

This is not a lesson or lesson on assignment or riddle or puzzle to answer

Thank you for reading and writing a fair review

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