- All that's left of me is youby DR DIP
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My biggest part
All that's left of me is you by DR DIP


I've lost many things in my life
Things that slipped through my hands
Money, virginity but not a wife
Every honest man understands

Now I sit here with a silly thought
But I'll never see it through
For while it's love I have sought
All that's left of me is you

As we age, we still age together
Though years have not always been kind
But we've battled, all types of weather
And you're all that's left to remind

Me of what's still important here
As I hold you close in my arms
Let me make it perfectly clear
You're my pill that really calms

There are not many moments I have left
But there is one I'll always pursue
For without you I'd be so bereft
All that's left of me is you

All that's left of me is you



Author Notes
I've always loved this image It's a shared image I have used a few times over the years that has inspired me to write about togetherness, whether it be through adversity, longevity and love for each other, love has won out till the end.

You know, my words have always been simplistic in form, not very metaphoric or flowery, just plain , simple words and I make no excuse for my style of rhyming verse and it has been proven many time here on FanStory, it certainly doesn't appeal to everybody. and, no matter how cliche' it sounds, I have always written 'from the heart'.
It's now midnight in Sydney, Australia. I call this my witching hour, the time when my muse seems to become quite active in the stillness of the night when all that breaks the silence of my thoughts is this sudden change of rainy weather I can hear outside the sliding doors.
It's now, I love to reflect and reminisce, maybe get a bit melancholy, maybe a little sad how quickly my life seems to be going.

But as one of our newest members alluded to me so complimentary when he reviewed not only my simple poem but also my profile shot and quite unknowingly flatteringly calling me 'middle aged'. That really did make my night at the time for I wouldn't exactly call on the eve of 64 years of age middle age lol.

As I have said due to time demands, I cannot dedicate the time I would like to spend on FanStory, be it posting or reviewing, hence my visits these days are rather quick and fleeting and mostly just a 'read only' basis.

If this is middle age, just maybe, I'm living to 128! lol Time will tell.
I just hope I will still be able to participate in my first love of surfing to that ripe old age.
Oh to find the fountain of youth!

old dip!


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